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Ickee Stikeez


The ICKEE Stikeez® invasion is here!

These squishy, squeezy, sticky, collectible, whimsical, wacky, and hilariously disgusting characters have invaded CoolZips!

Each of the 24 characters sit on a suction cup that lets the ICKEE Stikeez stick to any flat surface. When you pull the ICKEE Stikeez off they make a cool loud “pop”!

These critters come in PODZ that you connect to one another to create fun places for your ICKEE Stikeez to hang out.
GROWN UPS FYI - ICKEE Stikeez are not sticky or slimy and will not make a mess, they are rubbery. The sticky part of this toy is the fun suction cup on the bottom of each character.


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